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The 2011 Effingham County Fair Pageant queens from each age group.

Effingham County Fair Pageant

There were 58 contestants in 11 age groups  competing Saturday in the annual Effingham Fair Pageant.

Riley Monroe Brinson was crowned winner in the birth-11 months category of the annual Fair Pageant. Valerie Lee was first runner-up in birth-11 months and Kaylan Marie Bragg was second runner-up.

Grace Porter was named winner in the 12-23 months category, with Davin Morgan as first runner-up and Jacey Hudson as second runner-up.

In the 24-35 month age group, Alexis Into was the winner with Brooke Leslie Hopman as first runner-up and Olivia Tebeau as second runner-up.

In the 3-4 years, Makenzie Duncan was the winner with Bailee Grace Wilson as first runner-up and Taylor Thomas as second runner-up.

In 5-6 years, Jaden Hudson was the winner with Claire Abbott as first runner-up and Katelyn Harris as second runner-up.

In 7-8 years, Madison Ray was the winner with Kaycee Kessler as first runner-up and Madison McCullough as second runner-up.

In 9-10, Adrianna Wright was the winner with Gabrielle Watkins as first runner-up and Gabbi Hanlon as second runner-up.

In 11-12, Analiegh Casey was the winner with Shelby Swanson as first runner-up and Camille Vernava as second runner-up.

In 13-14, Sarah Lyn Ward was the winner with Tara Babin as first runner-up and Madyson Casey as second runner-up.

In 15-16, Megan Anslie Johnson was the winner with Katherine Hamilton as first runner-up and Ashlyn Ward was second runner-up.

The pageant was directed by Beth Holland and Jayne Wood, owners and operators of Hair Unique. Tammy Dickerson was the mistress of ceremonies.

Courtesy of Effingham Herald